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November 2017
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Video – How to Prune a Tomato Plant

Here is my how to video illustrating the methods of pruning a tomato plant.


Episode 84 Garden Materials

Today I discuss some ways to get materials for your garden for free or cheap.

What do I mean by materials?  I mean things that don’t actually make your plants . . . → Read More: Episode 84 Garden Materials

Episode 76 Mistakes I Made While Gardening (with Steve Howard)

In today’s episode I get the great pleasure of being joined by my friend Steve Howard from Growing Your Grub to talk about mistakes we’ve made gardening.

Mistakes are obviously . . . → Read More: Episode 76 Mistakes I Made While Gardening (with Steve Howard)

Episode 75 Growing the Impossible

Today I talk about growing the impossible.  What is impossible?  Well obviously its about growing things that are possible to grow but maybe just not possible to grow in normal . . . → Read More: Episode 75 Growing the Impossible

Episode 72 Guerilla Gardening

Have I finally lost it?  Guerilla gardening?  How can that be self-sufficient?

Well, personally I think the concept of guerilla gardening needs to be expanded beyond seed bombs (though I . . . → Read More: Episode 72 Guerilla Gardening