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August 2017
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Episode 106 Peppers

Today I talk all about peppers.  I don’t grow peppers as often as I probably should.  Its a shame really.  There are so many varieties out there and so many . . . → Read More: Episode 106 Peppers

Episode 82 Tea Plant

In today’s episode I talk about the tea plant.

The tea plant is a very unique and storied plant with a lot of history and mythology behind . . . → Read More: Episode 82 Tea Plant

Episode 77 Pawpaw Trees

In today’s episode I discuss the pawpaw tree.  I was reminded that I had never done one by a request from a listener named David who is growing . . . → Read More: Episode 77 Pawpaw Trees

Episode 61 My Favorite Herbs – Echinacea

Tune in today as I talk about the most native herb and plant I know of.

Echinacea is commonly known as purple coneflower. There are a few different species . . . → Read More: Episode 61 My Favorite Herbs – Echinacea

Episode 50 Three Unusual Crops

This is a short episode about three unusual crops that I plan on trying or have already tried that are way interesting in regards to their histories, uses and rarity.  . . . → Read More: Episode 50 Three Unusual Crops