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August 2017
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Shiitake Innoculation

Its way early for shiitake innoculation but because I had to fell a large oak tree that the bulldozer scraped I decided to try a little experiment and . . . → Read More: Shiitake Innoculation

Air Layering – For Dummies, By A Dummy

I want peach trees.  My dad has a few nice sized peach trees.  I’m a tightwad.

So I decided to air layer.  Now my dad might not be too happy . . . → Read More: Air Layering – For Dummies, By A Dummy

Episode 106 Peppers

Today I talk all about peppers.  I don’t grow peppers as often as I probably should.  Its a shame really.  There are so many varieties out there and so many . . . → Read More: Episode 106 Peppers

Episode 104 Listener Questions and Feedback

Today I take another round of questions, feedback, tips and comments!

*Mulberries.  A listener’s experience and an alternative for those who don’t cherish the notion of purple bird droppings!

*Heat . . . → Read More: Episode 104 Listener Questions and Feedback

Episode 97 Blueberries

Today I take on the subject of blueberries.  Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to eat.  Growing them is very possible and not too challenging as long as you do the . . . → Read More: Episode 97 Blueberries