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August 2017
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Episode 94 Perennial Vegetables

I got a recent request from a listener to do a show on perennial vegetables.  Sometimes I wonder how I’ve missed doing some of these subjects.  Then I sat down . . . → Read More: Episode 94 Perennial Vegetables

Episode 91 Okra

Today I’m going to cover one of my favorite garden veggies – OKRA!

One of my Okra plants from 8/5/2010.

I love okra for a multitude of reasons.  Easy . . . → Read More: Episode 91 Okra

Episode 88 Insect Orders and Classification

In today’s show I do a brief overview of the 3 sub classes and 32 orders of insects.  I think this is a worthwhile subject to give some idea . . . → Read More: Episode 88 Insect Orders and Classification

Episode 83 Listener Feedback

Today I take another round of listener questions and feedback. *Two listeners with grapevine cuttings that had trouble with rooting.  What one did.  My thoughts on the method and what . . . → Read More: Episode 83 Listener Feedback

Episode 80 Listener Questions and Feedback

Thank everyone for all the questions.  While I assure you I am not an expert I love the challenge of trying to answer some of these questions.

Tune in today . . . → Read More: Episode 80 Listener Questions and Feedback