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February 2018
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Episode 182 Food Forests

In today’s episode I wanted to talk about food forest, the concept, the theory and actuality.  How I built mine, the things I look for and the thought process.

Wikipedia . . . → Read More: Episode 182 Food Forests

When to Start Seeds

There is no better way to increase your self-sufficiency than by starting your own seeds. But the big question is: When?

Too hard to describe in a podcast and too . . . → Read More: When to Start Seeds

Shiitake Innoculation

Its way early for shiitake innoculation but because I had to fell a large oak tree that the bulldozer scraped I decided to try a little experiment and . . . → Read More: Shiitake Innoculation

Episode 114 Slugs

Though slugs would be having a tough time in this dry dry heat wave we are having right now they are still a formidible garden pest when the weather is . . . → Read More: Episode 114 Slugs

Episode 113 Critical Thinking Tools For Gardeners

I wanted to do a different type of show today.  Simply put I wanted to share some tools that I use both professionally at work and at home (particularly when . . . → Read More: Episode 113 Critical Thinking Tools For Gardeners