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February 2018
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Episode 157 Resilient Gardens

On today’s show I talk about resilient gardens and just what – in my mind – constitutes a resilient garden.  Furthermore, what can you do to make your garden more resilient . . . → Read More: Episode 157 Resilient Gardens

Episode 137 All About Lettuce

Tune in today as I talk about one of my favorite garden crops for cooler weather: Lettuce!

*The history of lettuce. Its older than you might think. . . . → Read More: Episode 137 All About Lettuce

Episode 118 Listener Questions and Feedback

Today I take another round of listener questions and feedback.

*Is it too late to start sweet potatoes?

*Won’t hugelkultur draw in termites?

*What size of wood and type should . . . → Read More: Episode 118 Listener Questions and Feedback

Episode 117 Beets

In today’s episode I talk about the beet.  The beet is probably one of the most underutilized, least planted crops in the US.  However it is probably one of the . . . → Read More: Episode 117 Beets

Episode 106 Peppers

Today I talk all about peppers.  I don’t grow peppers as often as I probably should.  Its a shame really.  There are so many varieties out there and so many . . . → Read More: Episode 106 Peppers