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February 2018
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The Essentials!

Someone asked me recently what I consider the essential tools to be. Since its that time of the year (the holidays) and I’ve never really done a post on it before, here’s my list of essential gardening tools and equipment (complete with Amazon affiliate links).

The first must have item is a hoe. There are so many things you can do with a hoe. Weed removal, furrowing for row making, tilling the soil a bit, defending the garden from zombies. Well I can tell you that you won’t be doing that with those little sissy hoes from china. You know the one’s with the paper thin blade welded to a cast rod jammed into a wooden handle. If you can’t see why that design is inherently weak let me tell you…it is.

No if I’m going to rely on a tool for 90% of my gardening task that require a tool I want the best. Well you can have the best and at a decent price. That’s why I use only Rogue Hoes. You can find a wide variety on Amazon from $25 – $40. Click the link and check the row at the bottom of the page. So many varieties!

People tend to overthink the seed starting business. You need a decent shop light with some good Lumen bulbs. A base model like this can be rigged up quickly and give you enough light to get tomato seedlings to about a foot tall.

Speaking of seed starting. There is no tool more essential than a soil cube tool!

If I could do my pruning with my hoe I would. Alas, I’m not sure my plants would survive. A good pair of pruners is essential especially if you own a grapevine. Sure you only use them once a year but you demand they work. Fiskars are cheap and EXTREMELY reliable.

My garden trowel is an extension of my right hand. It has to be stainless and tough.

Its not essential but I found this little mini greenhouse to be a great help with hardening off plants and keeping them fairly warm.