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January 2018
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The Horticultural Engineer – Making a Seed Starting Rack from PVC

So I’ve kind of started this new series which will all be video based.  Its called The Horticultural Engineer.  The name is a little bit of a tribute to my day job as a Senior Quality Engineer and to my love of building things for the garden.  I’ve got a link to my YouTube channel in the LH margin so feel free to check out my other videos.

I recorded this prior to last week’s events so since I missed doing Monday’s show I decided to get this out there for everyone since seed starting season is upon us.

By the way-I’m not very good at video, I’m much better at writing down my thoughts.  So for the sake of those who are confused by the video, the link to another person’s site and the original plans can be found  here.

Parts List:

All PVC is 3/4″

20 – T’s

6 – Caps

5 – Crosses

6 – Elbows

16 – 3″

11 – 7″

6 – 12″

6 – 18″

4 – 19 1/2″

6 – 24″

Two 4′ Shop lights (and bulbs) from Lowes or Walmart.

Total estimated cost:  4 pieces of 10′   3/4″ PVC =  ~$9, Fittings = ~$10, Lights and bulbs = ~$25

Its a little more money than I normally spend on a project but the benefit of being able to start plants indoors is worth the cost in my opinion.

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