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February 2018
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Why I’m Not Posting as Much

I just wanted to put up a quick post explaining my absence. 

I will be posting on a limited basis in the future due to several reasons:

1.  I’m currently attending school again for at least the next 4 semesters to get my second degree (this one in Biology/Botany).

2.  I’m trying to keep everything here growing, fed and not generally dead.  I’m working with more animals (with the exception of the cattle we had when I was a teenager) than I ever have and establishing longer term systems is taking more time than I planned.  I’ve also got more land in growing space than I ever have – close to an acre total.

3.  I’ve started working as contractor on our house expansion which doubles the size of our current home (still no debt!).  This involves a lot of calling and planning especially if I want my conservatory built.

4.  I’m working on Hunt Gather Grow Eat Edition 2.  So far the second edition has added over 100 pages (currently at 44o pages) and will probably end up north of 500 pages thick.  I’m also working on more articles for BackHome Magazine as well as being a nearly monthly contributor to Self-Reliance Illustrated.  In addition I’m working on more smaller ebooks as well as another large book. 

So I’m sorry about the absence and irregular posting schedule.  Please understand that I value my readers/listeners but posting here and podcasting is a relatively low-gain venture for me (what can I say – I’m selfish) whereas these other activities are high yield.  So I’m shifting my focus for the time being.


3 comments to Why I’m Not Posting as Much

  • tentance

    good luck with the classes, i’m always available if you ever feel you need a hard science concept explained.
    -chrissy – friend me on g+ or facebook chris bauman
    local plant nerd, mad scientist, m e d i c.

  • Joe

    Horticultural podcasters and bloggers should probably get an exemption from posting, May through October.

  • I totally agree with Joe. My gardening blog went on an unofficial hiatus between August 1st and October 31st, mostly because of a work project sucking the life out of me.

    Jason, I did want you to know your efforts have been an inspiration to me (and others I’m sure) and my food producing efforts. We can’t wait until you are podcasting again.